Midgard has a complete in-house tool room facility specializing in complex, high detail and critical dimension mold making in both steel and economical aluminum molds for short to medium production runs. Our toolmakers are experienced in mold production and utilize the most advanced technology, including: 3D Master CAM computer controlled machinery, which provides for quick turnaround on mold production, guarantees the dimensional integrity and quality of finished components, and assures traceability of your program from start to finish. And, an in-house capability provides for quick tool modifications, ease of component prototyping, and virtually no downtime when repairs are necessary.

Anticipating customer needs for faster turnaround on mold building, we have recently added new equipment to our tool room mix. The Makino Vertical Machining Center, Fanuc 12″ Wire EDM, and Hold Master high-speed EDM drill enable us to build molds from pre-hardened tool steel for parts tooling imagethat require blemish-free surfaces. This new equipment mix enables Midgard to provide fast tooling/project turnaround, at competitive prices.